VidCon Workshop Files Now Online!

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Recently at the 6th annual VidCon down in Anaheim, we introduced an audience of online video creators to making spherical video. We had a lot of fun prepping for this workshop. American Beauty was reenacted with a pile of Google cardboards…

We broke out the quaddecapus charging brick and turned our hotel room in two a camera charging nursery…

We partnered with Google to give away nearly 300 google cardboards, and with Ricoh, who generously loaned us 30 Theta M15’s so our workshop participants could get started making spherical video right away. Kodak donated a PixPro camera SP360 to one lucky workshop participant, and five more participants got to take a Ricoh Theta home.

We have a playlist of all the workshop videos here. Unfortunately, a few of the groups only took photos so if you don’t see something from your group that is probably what happened.

If you missed the workshop in person don’t worry we have you covered. Our friend Malia Moss generously documented the whole workshop in lovely flat video.


So many awesome creative ideas come out of the workshop. This video of one group playing camp games from childhood around the camera puts me in mind of summer campfires and mosquitos.


One group took our web video assignment to heart and saw how many cute internet video we could watch at once!


Or this group that created a great practical effect with a plastic garbage bag.


These videos, as well as all of our other content is creative commons with attribution so please download stuff and start editing. We would love to see what you come up with. Share your finding with us on twitter (@vihartvihart, @andreahawksley, and @emilyeifler) using #eleVR.

Happy sphering!