TCST Episode 3: David Smith and Wearality

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After much footage wrangling we finally got episode 3 up and ready to watch!

This time we are chatting with David Smith of Wearality. He showed us one of our favorite pieces of virtual reality hardware so far. Using a pair of large lenses for each eye, Wearality achieves not only an impressive 170 degree field of view but a very wide exit pupil. Exit pupil flexibility means Wearality’s headset, unlike any other VR headsets we’ve tried, easily accommodates the wide array of eye distances and face shapes we have on our team, while keeping the image in focus in both eyes. It’s also not fussy about perfect placement on your face.wearality


You can find it on our downloads page. Episode 4 has already been released but was shot just after episode 3, so we are sticking with shooting order as episode order. This episode, shot way back in the beginning of October, took longer to finish due to some epic camera failures and lost footage. We hope you enjoy the bamboo forest ceiling that generously came to the rescue for that same now-dead camera.

Wearality has some exciting new projects coming down the line, so expect to hear more about them soon!