Talking to Myself (and others) at Sea Island

I gave a talk titled “Talking to Myself (and others)” at Sea Island’s Virtual Reality Weekend, which you can see below, with a very flattering introduction by Ken Perlin:

The talk is not my usual talk, because it was not my usual audience, or the usual Bay Area VR Meetup demographic. It was refreshing to talk to an audience with many older and retired folks, and to give demos to families spanning several generations. The audience listened deeply, asked good meaningful questions, and had a breadth of different experience to bring to the conversation.

The above talk focuses mostly on our earlier work in VR. To continue the story to what we’ve been up to in the past year, there’s always our year-in-review video.

The real reason I was at Sea Island was to hang out and talk about VR for a few days with Ken and four other colleagues. The deal was that we get to enjoy together all the things VR has yet to offer, like warm blue ocean water and 5-star dining, and in exchange we give talks and demos to other Sea Islanders, but without the social expectations of a conference—most of the time it would be just us 6, with the space and time to work deeply together. I think 2 to 6 people is the right number of people for a conference.

So we did it! And despite the stress of eleVR’s most recent funding crisis (non-profit research, especially basic and long-term research, is now out of fashion), I managed to relax and enjoy having time to talk with my colleagues in a new context, and came away with many wonderful memories.