Talk Chat Show Thing Episode 4: Mozilla and WebVR

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Episode 4 is here! (Yes, I know they are out of order.) You can find it on our downloads page.

This time we are chatting with a team from Mozilla about their work on the VR web, but really if we are being honest you want to watch this for the stunning sunrise we got up at 5 in the morning to shoot just for you. Come sit, perched atop the Mozilla building at the foot of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco watching the glittering Bay Lights fade as the sun rises over the east bay hills, and listen to us chat with Josh Carpenter and Diego Marcos, a couple of the people working on bringing VR and the web together. Their team also includes Vladimir Vukićević, a co-creator of webGL and now Director of Engineering for Mozilla. 

The Mozilla webVR team wants to create a browser that allows the wealth of web developers out there to easily create native VR websites without having to manage the specifics of output to every HMD that might grace the market. The web has long been a hardware-agnostic medium and they want to keep it that way for the VR web as well. How will we navigate this new VR web? We discuss ideal abstract user controls and the potential of voice and even EEG as hands-free interaction. What will it look like? That’s up for debate as well, but we do look closely at comfort, usability and meat-space examples like phones as positionable customizable HUDs overlayed on the 3D environment of reality.