Stanford Seminar: Explorations into Embodied Knowledge and AR/VR

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Evelyn and I gave the Stanford Seminar on People, Computers, and Design a few weeks ago, and it’s now up on YouTube.

It was the first seminar in the series this semester, and lots of students as well as community members were there. It was great because the audience had a depth of background in the history of computing that you wouldn’t see in, for example, the typical audience of a VR meetup. The questions and discussion were good.

Before and after the lecture, the four of us got to meet with lots of students and faculty, and it was fun to hear about the projects people are working on these days! Some real cool stuff. After months of focusing almost solely on trying to find funding or support for our work, it was good to re-engage with our own work, and also with others doing innovative work in the field. Here’s hoping it was not our last hurrah.