We are exploring shared, embodied artistic experiences at a distance.  Stack Space is a WebVR app that lets you stack and glue generated or scanned art objects onto each other, while interacting with other users’ avatars.

To Use

Load Stack Space on Nightly with a Vive headset

To Move

Teleport with either Vive controller thumbpad


To Grab & Throw

Reach in and grab objects with either Vive trigger and throw and release


To Generate Shapes

Press grip button on either Vive controller, objects fall over target


To Glue

  1. With the right Vive controller, laser-point and menu-click on first-object
  2. Then laser-point and menu-click on second-object
  3. Objects should be glued!


Known Issues

  • Gluing highlight needs to reflect 2+ objects
  • Physics is still needed for certain shapes: ellipsoids not yet possible
  • Glued object behaviors need more exploration
  • Floor renders a few inches too low
  • ???