Vi Hart, Andrea Hawksley, Henry Segerman, Marc ten Bosch

December 2014 – August 2015

Hypernom is a kind of 4D pacman-style game, where you use the orientation of your head to navigate 4-dimensional space. All six 4D Platonic solids are available to be eaten, cell by cell, in any VR headset that is webVR-enabled. A stereographic projection is used to bring these beautiful highly-symmetric 4D polytopes to 3D space, where they can be manipulated in real time on the web.

You can play it on, for webVR with a headset on the computer, or for most modern smart phones with or without a set of lenses (like a google cardboard or Wearality). There are options for which platonic solid, and for stereo vs mono mode.

It also looks lovely on the flat screen of a normal browser, where you can use various keys to move in various ways (including motions that are not quite analogous to any in normal euclidean 3D space).

If you’re interested in the mathematics behind the project, the companion paper is on There’s also documentation on the github page, where the source code is available too.

It made its debut in the BRIDGES 2015 art exhibition, where it included projected images and a big red button that you could hit to cycle through the 6 different regular 4-dimensional polytopes.

The corresponding talk is now available on YouTube. Emily filmed the talk in spherical (below). The talk is also available as a regular rectangle. You can find Henry’s talk slides here.

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