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Warning: Many people experience simulation sickness, similar to sea sickness, when viewing virtual reality videos.
The Relaxatron 2
April 2015

Come hangout in the park, enjoy a little people watching, and listen to the far off sounds of a sunday trumpeter in a duet with the glittering of church bells.

eleVR Talk Chat Show Thing – S02E01
April 2015

Talking about all the new consumer-grade 360 cameras!

eleVR Casual – 006
April 2015

A dream train, A game train, A train train. The world is full of trains.

There are definite parallels between dreaming and VR. And, of course, VR and gaming are a “classic” combination. But, I have no idea what trains have to do with VR….

eleVR Casual – 003
April 2015

A Garden is Not a Concert. Andrea joins the trying out spherical video blogging club.

eleVR Casual – 002
April 2015

The Sound Fades But The Burnt Smell Lingers. Spherical vlog, Vi replying to Emily. Meant to be seen in virtual reality.

eleVR Casual – 001
April 2015

Dress Adventures. An SF Adventure and Ricoh Theta Review. Emily tries out spherical video blogging.

eleVR Talk Chat Show Thing – S01E03
December 2014

In episode 3 of the eleVR Talk Chat Show Thing, we talk to David Smith of Wearality, a VR headset company making VR headsets with incredible fields of view (170 degrees+) far exceeding what is available from any other manufacturer.

A Collaborative Work
October 2014

This video is part of a multidisciplinary work by Arletta Anderson, on dance, Mike Rugnetta, on audio, and Emily Eifler, on video. We worked with curator Ken Becker to create a site specific work at the Wattis Institute for Art in San Francisco where it was originally shown alongside live performance, projection and generated sound.

eleVR Talk Chat Show Thing – S01E04
October 2014

In episode 4 of the eleVR Talk Chat Show Thing, we talk to some of the people in Firefox’s webVR team about their project, while watching the sun rise over the Bay Bridge on the Mozilla roofdeck.

The Process By Which Repeated Opinion Becomes Fact
October 2014

The world’s first VR remix video

eleVR Talk Chat Show Thing – S01E02
September 2014

Episode 2 of the eleVR Talk Chat Show Thing. More talk-chatting about VR in VR with Andrea, Emily, and Vi.

September 2014

We experiment with stop motion in the world’s first Virtual Reality animated GIF.

eleVR Talk Chat Show Thing – S01E01
August 2014

We talk-chat about virtual reality. In virtual reality.

Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers Live in SF
July 2014

3D spherical video of Hank and the Perfect Strangers live in concert at Slim’s.

July 2014

An abstract stereo spherical video, containing many experiments in layering video.

VR Vlog for Vidcon 
June 2014

Emily talks about VR video in the world’s first VR Vlog. Our first fully spherical stereo video was produced for Vidcon and asks you the question – What would you like to make for VR?

This is what science sounds like 
June 2014

We explore the effect of different camera distances and angles on our brains ability to process things stereoscopically. Close cameras give the effect of everything else being very large; distant cameras make things small. 2 camera stereo.

June 2014

Experiments in handheld stereoscopy. We explore wide eye angles for 3D tilt shift, while taking #3DSelfies on a roof! 2 camera stereo.

Approaching Spherical 3D 
June 2014

An experimental, partially spherical 3D video. This was recorded with a particularly hacked-together looking setup.

Flat Video, Broadcast Television, Silent Film
May 2014

An introduction to the current state of Virtual Reality video in VR video form. Spherical, but not 3D. This was recorded with our 6 camera rig.

The Relaxatron
May 2014

The most under-utilized direction in current VR content is up, so that’s where we went with our first real video. Emily narrates as we go on an unusual journey, blending the real and the virtual… We filmed full spherical 360 in various locations where it is pleasant to lie on your back and look at the sky, or look in any other direction if you wish.

April 2014

A creepy homage to the hexaflexagon, Vi stars in our very first video, which was recorded in two camera stereo before we acquired sufficiently many cameras to do spherical video.