Documenting Christmas in VR: Child and Snowplace

Documenting Christmas in VR: Child and Snowplace

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Well, eleVR may no longer exist but there’s still some old projects that never got very well documented.

Over Christmas 2015 I livestreamed the creation of a VR game called Snowplace, which has been mentioned in our post on VR Collision Techniques. A couple of the livestream sessions were successfully archived: the ones where we wrote the sled movement algorithm and the one where we wrote the tree collision and jumping algorithm.

The game in its original VR form will no longer work on any existing software/hardware, but I took a video of the browser version talking through the ideas:

To go back even further, for Christmas 2014 I made an art game called Child, which I mentioned before but also hadn’t taken video of, or ever explained what was going on in it. After many hours of hardware/software wrangling plus a bit of code modification, I got it working in an old headset enough to document what it was like to play in VR, probably for the last time:

I wrote extensively about the ideas behind it in a post here:

Creating this documentation made me nostalgic for the good parts of our work: the actual research, the creation of things, programming, experimenting, working with the best team ever. But there’s also a lot of things about the industry in general that I am very very happy to have some separation from now. I miss eleVR but not the context we had to constantly fight to exist in. And now we don’t! On to a new year!

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