Hello, World! We are eleVR [el-uh-V-R], a research team that includes Vi Hart, Andrea Hawksley, M EiflerElijah Butterfield, and Evelyn Eastmond.

We study and experiment with immersive media, particularly virtual and augmented reality, as a tool to reveal new ways to understand our world and express ourselves within it.

Our research practice is formatted as a series of experimental projects accompanied by write-ups of findings and analysis on our blog and projects page, all available creative commons and open source.

Our first major theme involved immersive video capture and production, from theoretical VR camera designs to actual camera prototypes, filming hundreds of videos, creating new filming, editing, and post-production techniques, and expanding media theory.

We’re also big into webVR and the future of the immersive web, creating the first spherical video player for webVR back in 2014 (the eleVR player), and constantly experimenting with new webVR interfaces and content techniques.

Another major theme involves using the potential of VR and AR technology for augmented understanding. We’re experimenting with new ways to explore mathematical concepts like four-dimensional symmetry groups, hyperbolic geometry, and derivatives. In addition to the powerful visualizations enabled by 3D explorable spaces, we are looking for places where VR and AR tracking technology can let us use our own body knowledge and real-time feedback to understand things we couldn’t understand before. We’re also looking at the philosophical implications of how new technology will change our understanding of ourselves and our experience of reality.

Our latest theme is creating hybrid spaces that mix the virtual and the real. We mix real and virtual objects, layer real and virtual spaces, and explore real and virtual bodies, to better understand how to expand computational interfaces beyond fingertip-focused to become body-conscious and thicken computational spaces from the flat land of screens to fully three-dimensional environments.

eleVR is a project of the Human Advancement Research Community, a nonprofit group dedicated to inventing and freely sharing ideas and technology that allow all humans to see further and understand more deeply.

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