VR installations with DK2 and Mac mini

VR installations with DK2 and Mac mini

library-gif-setupThree months ago we released The Relaxatron as our first video on our brand new eleVR website. It seems so long ago now and we’ve learned so much since then. Flat video? No stereo? Soooo three months ago!

We’ve been preparing our stuff for showing at a couple events, and designing inviting spaces to come see VR video in other ways than sitting at a desk. We decided for the Relaxatron we’d use artificial turf and artificial plants, to lure you into an artificial experience of real plants.

Last post we showed the sit-on-a-rug setup we’re using for the VR gif animation. We ran the demo on a Macbook Pro, and were happy to find you can close the screen and it still runs fine for extended periods.

Turning on and off the DK2 screenSo we decided to see if the DK2 would play video off a Mac mini! Turns out it works great. With looping video and a mac mini hidden under a box of plant, we can run a fun experiential demo space with no maintenance.

Right now the best spherical player we have for Mac+DK2 is the version of eleVR player Andrea has working in the experimental VR version of Firefox, but if you don’t want to install experimental code for experimental browsers on your machine I recommend KolorEyes for Mac mini installs.

We currently have the Relaxatron set up in a quiet corner of our office. The DK2 has an on/off button for the screen on the headset itself, so we’ve just been leaving it running all day, with instructions on the headset to turn it on.

As you’ve probably noticed in the last few posts, I have finally learned how to do finite Euclidean gifs, and I don’t know if I’m ever going to stop.

The Relaxatron