The Year of the Body

The Year of the Body

We are beginning our 4th year! Every year we have had a loose theme around which the research has centered but this year we decided we should make it all public and official. So without further ado: (Itch your right hand)


Welcome to the Year of the Body! 


Are you an AI whose creators think an algorithm is enough for you to have a mind? We highly recommend getting a body! Are you a computer whose user only communicates via intermittent button poking? We highly recommend getting to know their body! Are you a human that due to your field over-intellectualizes your work? No seriously, bodies are great for this! Are you René Descartes? Cause you’ve messed up western philosophy for too long with your mind-body dualism. GO AWAY. (Cover your ears)


“Knowledge is only a rumor until it is in the muscle.”

― Papua New Guinea Proverb


The body has been creeping into our work lately with posts and projects including: “Networked Gestures”, “VR, Data and Embodied Cognition”, “Real Virtual Physics”, and “Would you like to see an invisible sculpture?”. We are exploring how bodies and computers communicate to each other, how computers and interfaces can influence how bodies communicate to other bodies, and frankly just how to get to know our own bodies better. How can our whole bodies think, communicate, play, research and create with the assistance of A/VR? We want to put traditional forms of body work in the same space as body mounted displays and movement tracking and see what they get up to. We want to apply methodologies from phenomenology to virtual experiences. We want to code with mudras. (Wiggle a knee)


Our previous yearly themes of video, the web, and expression all changed our work in different ways and that work became the tools we now use to explore new ideas. Instead of building spherical cameras we use them to experiment with cinematography. Instead of building our own infrastructure for making immersive websites we use that system to play tracked physics games with our bodies. We’re excited to see what new tools we come out of this year of exploration with! (Wave goodbye)