The Relaxatron

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Oh… hello. Welcome to the Relaxatron. Our very first spherical video! We are currently working on a place for you to download it from but for now why not get prepared for the event by picking out your favorite spherical video player. Here are a few to choose from:

VR Player is an open source player so if you are in the mood to fiddle and mess this is the player for you. It does require a bit more effort upon installation so read the about page carefully before you jump in. I have had some problems getting it to work on my pc.

Total Cinema 360 is my current favorite. Its simple to install, run quick tests, but has finicky UI.

Kolor Eyes is the slickest and most branded of the three. It lets you change to projection quickly and even has a few flashy novelty effects.

All three have Oculus support built in but none of these players really give me the control or experience I’d like (We are working on it but that’s a whole other blog post.)

Enjoy ‘The Relaxatron’