Drawing in WebVR

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Vi here, and it’s my turn to do a quick update. We’re currently working on a website with a basic 3d drawing tool (and livestreaming the process, as seen in the gif below). If you’ve got a Vive, get webVR … Continued


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Hypernom is kind of like 4-dimensional pacman, for VR on your phone or browser. After many months of it sitting around mostly finished, we’ve finally finished the final touches on hypernom.com, put the paper on arxiv.org, and updated the documentation … Continued

Don’t Look Down

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“Down” seems to be a recurring problem in VR film. We’ve talked extensively about the theoretical problems, from stereo to stitching distance, so today’s post looks at “down” from a content perspective, surveying what people have done so far. Here’s 11 ways to … Continued

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