Scanning all the things

Scanning all the things

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In an effort to keep our blog up to date instead of just focused on epic treatises that take months to write and edit, I, Emily, am here to give y’all an update. All of my time in the recent weeks are been spent converting physical things in to virtual things.

















These sculptures are called the Unscannables. They are hollow forms made from found paper and lots and lots of glue. I have been building them slowly over the past 8 months and now I have a large enough number to do a room scale project with them.


Now I am converting them to 3D models using a Structure sensor and Skanect software and Maya. The sculptures used to live in my studio at home but now they live in the little corner offer in the lab.




As I scan them Vi has been placing them in to a Vive enabled webVR site. Here is the site so far. (If you don’t have a Vive just use arrow keys and WASD to get around.)




Eventually we will have a physical room and a virtual room  with the same objects in similar orientations which will let us play with techniques for amalgamating a physical and a virtual object into a physi/vitu object in your memory. One idea for how to do that is to have users repeat pathways in both the physical and virtual spaces several times to activate similar place cells in the hypocampi and thus help solidify the two versions of the space in to one. I’m excited to see what happens.




Update achieved! If you want to see everything as we make it come fine me on Twitter or Instagram @blinkpopshift.