Projects, Themes, and Organization

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When we launched the eleVR website way back in May of 2014, we were a brand new group with only one major focus – spherical video. Over the last two years, eleVR has worked on numerous projects that have expanded our focus well beyond video, but we’ve never really added any kind of organization, or even ability to see all of our projects in one place.

Today, we are pleased to release a series of updates to our website that should make keeping track of our work much easier (for us and for you!). First, we have updated our About Us page to better reflect our research themes and goals. The Info page has also been updated to include an updated slightly updated FAQ and links to our tutorials.

We’ve also gone through all of our blog posts and categorized them. Now you can filter your blog post reading just to those subjects that you’re most interested in.



The biggest change that you’ll notice on our site is the addition of a projects page . This is a new top level page for us that you can get to directly from anywhere on our site.



The projects page lets you easily see all of our projects and to filter them by each of our four major themes – Augmented UnderstandingHybrid SpacesImmersive Video, and The Immersive Web. You can also see a few of our favorite projects featured on the bottom of the home page. Clicking on any project takes you to a project specific page full of details on each project.