The Venn Diagram Museum of Geometry, Topology, and Algebra, explores connections between these three subjects (and their overlaps) and Venn diagrams, through interactive virtual exhibits arranged in a virtual building with Venn diagram architecture, as well as some real physical counterparts to the virtual exhibits.

The virtual museum is available in Anyland for the Vive headset, by searching “Venn Diagram”.


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Bringing Venn Diagrams to Life: Venn Piano is an in-depth look at both real and virtual versions of the Venn Piano music theory exhibit.

Bringing Overlap to Light (and Color) explores different ideas of overlap, through virtual and real versions of Venn Diagram Museum exhibits related to light and color.

A Venn Diagram House is an exercise in Venn design and embodied understanding of overlapping categories.

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Physical exhibit prototypes:

Venn Piano:

Venn Diagram House tour:


Inspired by previous work on Container Schema: