Vi Hart

September 2016

A webVR forgery of Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing 273, that follows his instructions to create a random new rendering of the artwork every time the page is refreshed. Works for spatially tracked headsets like the Vive, on a phone, or in a normal browser using the arrow keys and WASD.

We chose this artwork because the “real” version is in SFMoMa, and also because these specific instructions can be looked at from the perspective of algorithms, graph theory, and combinatorics.

We are also exploring the philosophical and media theory implications of virtual art, how it relates to Sol LeWitt’s innovations in conceptual art, and concepts of ownership.

This ongoing project is planned to include different interpretations of the original instructions, challenging the usual assumptions both for more variety in the generated results and to highlight the subjective aspects of mathematics and computational thinking that often go unnoticed. Ideally we would allow visitors to our virtual gallery to interact with the instructions directly, coming up with their own interpretations and questioning assumptions we may have missed. Through the appreciation of art, interactive virtual spaces can encourage mathematical thinking.