Vi Hart

April 2016

Experiments in bringing a year-2000 web aesthetic to VR, including a webVR “Peachy Dance,” a “Multi-Sensory Peachy Ring Experience” in which one eats real-life peachy rings while observing a field of randomly-floating peachy rings within VR, and the creation of a “First-Person Cake Decorator” where one shoots peachy rings at a cake within VR.

Blog post:


webVR pages: is the grid-based webVR peachy dance. is the field of randomly flying peachy rings, designed to be viewed on a phone, while eating actual peachy rings. is designed for Vive, using the trigger on the controller to shoot peachy rings.

The programming of the First-Person Cake Decorator was streamed live on Twitch at, and the resulting stream was edited down into this video where you can see the entire creation process, as well as the FPCD in action: