Elijah Butterfield, Emily Eifler, Vi Hart, Andrea Hawksley

May 2014 – Ongoing

Exploring cinematographic, editing and other post production techniques for immersive video, and how the medium differs from flat video.

For a list of creative commons videos you can download from us see our downloads page

For an overview of our research in this area see our posts marked cinematography: http://elevr.com/category/cinematography/

Emily’s series on Spherical Cinematography:

  1. The Choreography of Attention
  2. Spherical Cinematography 101: Scale
  3. Spherical Cinematography 102: Texture

Elijah’s series on CG & VR:

  1. Rendering Challenges
  2. VR Rendering in Maya
  3. Spherical Compositing in Maya


10 fun and easy things that anyone can make for VR

Suki Sleeping: A new technique for immersive 2D Animations

The Complete Theta Tutorial

Experiments and Examples:

First forays: Multi-camera Spherical

Don’t Look Down

Spherical video editing effects with Möbius transformations


Clip-on 360: making spherical video with just a phone and a clip-on lens

Other Posts:

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