Emily Eifler, Vi Hart, Andrea Hawksley

June 2014 – August 2015

Understanding the theory, mathematics, and psychology of stereo video capture, to create better camera designs for immersive video.

Blog posts under this tag: http://elevr.com/category/camera-research/

Series on the mathematics of stereo spherical capture:

  1. The problem of 3D spherical video
  2. Panoramic Twist
  3. The Hairy Ball Theorem in VR Video

Psychology of stereo spherical video:

  1. My brain plays tricks on me

Series on VR camera design:

  1. Camera Balls for Mono Spherical Video
  2. Stereo Polygons
  3. Camera Circles for Stereo Spherical Video
  4. 360 Stereo Consumer Cameras?

Tutorial for multi-gopro camera setup:

3D Spherical Camera Head

Projections and Math:

Are you eleVRanting, or am I projecting?

Editing spherical 3D in Premiere and After Effects, A Design Document

Posts about Experiments and Tests:

Making VR Video with Kodak PixPros

This is what Science sounds like


Just don’t tilt your head!

Sometimes w/ Teeth

Clip-on 360 video with a phone

Video tests with no corresponding writeup: 


Laser-Cut Owls vs CG Renders for 360 Video

Back-to-back Pixpros vs Ricoh Theta

For video results of camera research:

Video downloads page

“Tests” playlist on YouTube



After the cameras and capture techniques are dealt with, check out our work on content, cinematography, and editing.

Or, some people at this point want to know about immersive audio capture.