Neveryday Unnaturals

Neveryday Unnaturals

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We got a pair of HoloLens! If you haven’t checked out Vi’s recent post on our HoloLens first impressions you can find it over here. This post will talk all about my first crack at a project with HoloLens called Neveryday Unnaturals.

The very first piece that came out of playing with the Hololens was a video Vi made in her apartment. Using the basic functionality of the Holograms app, which gives you a small library of 3D objects to place around your space, Vi made a living room makeover video that was a futuristic twist on lifestyle vlogger style videos that are prevalent on YouTube. I loved this idea so I immediately stole it. When your work is focused on broadening the applications and ideas around head mounted AR and VR it is really helpful to see each new technology without the aura that comes standard with any dev kit. The companies and people that make these headsets think about them and talk about them a lot so to cover new ground you have to circumnavigate their ideas about what the technology is for.

So for this edition of ‘Effective uses of new piles of hardware in life and art’: HoloLens beauty videos!

There are currently five videos in the series:

‘My first beauty video’ which covers 3 lightning bolt inspired makeup looks and is the first video I ever had to make an entire Unity app just to make:



What’s in my makeup bag’ which goes through my makeup collection, How to shave your head’ in which my husband cuts my hair while he’s wearing a Hololens, so you know: high risk antics, ‘Flower Arranging in Bed’ which combines all the fun of being stuck in bed with a migraine with some relaxing floral arranging:



And my personal favorite ‘Look Book June 2016’ which gives a tour through a series of spatially organized media.



The footage is similar to other head mounted camera footage but the combination of the small white cursor in the center and the fact that the camera is at eye level instead of mounted on top of the head results in a very unique feel. More like actually intimate with the wearer/avatar instead of just mounted to them. The cursor ‘touches’ the world as the avatar/wearer moves their head giving the flat captured world a sense of depth and active attention.

While the footage is not actually immersive it does feel related to spherical capture in my brain. The space of the footage feels close and intimate, like an instance of someone experiencing an immersive environment instead of just capturing the physical world with a camera. And there it is. The idea I have been searching around for all week. In much the same way that spherical camera is the the body of the viewer, Hololens footage is the lived experience of a body in a mixed reality environment. This means the physicality of the avatar/camera operator is directly linked to the texture and emotional quality of the footage. It links the footage not just to a creators stylistic choices but to a body and an identity.


Check out the videos and let me know in the comments what you see.





ps. I love the technology of writing. It makes form from my ethereal thoughts and experiences which I can then look at and examine for veracity. Its like freaking magic.