MozVR launches with eleVR player

MozVR launches with eleVR player

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Today marks the 10th anniversary of Firefox, and as part of the celebrations, the Firefox webVR team has officially launched an amazing VR demo website: MozVR.

At eleVR, we have been fully behind the VR web since before there was any official support for webVR (the first version of our player used a third party plug-in to get Oculus data). We were amongst the first to have a real functional webVR demo, and were delighted to contribute when Josh Carpenter and the Firefox webVR team asked us if we would be interested in integrating our player into the Firefox webVR experiments. We share the desire of having the VR web as accessible and open as the flat web, and it’s been great working with Mozilla to get our open source video player and creative commons content functioning on MozVR.

The MozVR website is intended to showcase how one might interact with the VR web, allowing you to navigate between a number of VR demos. It currently includes two films that are being played using the eleVR web player (one of which is our very own eleVR talk chat show thing episode 4). It’s a small glimpse into a future where you plug in any headset, open your browser, and have the entire web around you, viewable with no extra plugins or applications.

Mozilla’s webVR-enabled browser (which is just as easy to download, run, and install, as regular Firefox,) natively supports several versions of Oculus headsets, and will support more types of headset as they come out. The experimental VR Chromium browser also works with the site, and we hope to see more browsers supporting webVR soon.

– The eleVR Team