Just don’t tilt your head!

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When you go to the 3D movies you are looking at 2 flat stereoscopic videos. The videos are projected through a vertical polarizing filter for the content meant for the left eye and a horizontal one meant for the right eye. It’s pretty convincing (unless you’re me and your brain just refuses to be fooled by such primitive attempts). But now we have screens like the Oculus which can completely different image to each eye without the need for all that polarization. So why is it harder to made 3D for VR than it is for 3D movies? In the theatre nobody gets to turn their head and mess up the fancy alignments. You can read Vi’s recent post all about this.

Today I hacked together this camera configuration based on an attempt to get just half a sphere really convincingly 3D. Each pair of forward facing cameras will give you great stereo is you keep you head in a basic level forward facing arrangement and the side camera provide 2 dimensional peripheral vision meaning you can turn you head and look from 3D space to 2D space in the video. Sure, you can’t turn around, and, sure, you can’t tilt your head seriously sideways, but, hey, it’s great for tape and rubber bands.




You can download the video here.

How to play


Tape and rubber bands forever!