Introducing the eleVR Web Player

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While the hardware for VR is getting progressively better, the software still tends to be pretty fiddly and difficult to use. This applies not just to the software used to stitch and edit the videos, but also to the software used to play video.

We had been creating VR video for about a week when it became clear that we were going to need to develop our own player – if only so that we could play our videos on our Macs.

At eleVR we believe that both VR video and internet video are the future. When I started developing our player I knew that I wanted it to work on the web. Of course, getting Oculus data into your browser isn’t so easy, but I was fortunate enough to discover the vr.js plugin by @benvanik, an open source browser plugin that lets you do just that with surprisingly little fuss.


The brand new eleVR player lets you watch 360 flat and stereo video on your Oculus Rift from Chrome, Firefox, or Safari and on Windows or Mac. Videos shown in the player can be rotated using keyboard controls (a/d, w/s, and q/e), as well as by the Oculus Rift if the vr.js plugin is installed.

Go check it out now!

The player currently supports spherical video with equirectangular projections and spherical 3D video with top/bottom equirectangular projections. eleVR Player comes bundled with two relatively small *.webm files, one for each projection.


Want to watch a different video? We’ve got you covered. Just open the file using the folder icon at the bottom right of our player.


eleVR is committed to making our content openly available, and we have all of our source code (and documentation!) on GitHub. Please feel free to fork us and make our player better!