Hyperbolic VR in the NYTimes

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Today, we are pleased to have our Hyperbolic VR project (joint work with Henry Segerman and Sabetta Matsumoto) be featured in the New York Times daily 360 video. If you found us via that video, welcome! If you are just finding out about this now, you can check out the video here: https://www.nytimes.com/video/science/100000005297565/bending-rules-hyperbolic-geometry-vi-hart.html

If that has you intrigued and you want to learn more about this project in video form, our collaborators Henry Segerman and Sabetta Matsumoto have made a lovely flat video walking through the space in a Vive headset.

We also made a video about our hyperbolic space project a while back (before we made each cell a different color)

And our project has been featured on the Youtube channel “standupmaths”

While video is neat, we think that it’s even more fun to be able to explore hyperbolic space “first hand” on your phone or on a Vive headset. To that end, we’re pleased to have our hyperbolic projects be explorable on the phone at h3.hypernom.com and h2xe.hypernom.com. (If you haven’t seen it already, hypernom.com is an earlier project that involves projections of four dimensional objects). All of these projects offer both VR and no-VR modes so that you can play in or out of your headset. To move forward in hyperbolic space, just touch the screen.

Both of these projects are also explorable from a computer in non-VR. The standard computer navigation keys are the arrow keys and WASD. For extra fun, try pressing the number keys too! Can you find the monkeys?

You can also easily view h2xe.hypernom.com with standard Firefox (hurrah for webVR now coming standard in Firefox) and a VR headset such as the Vive. Make sure your Vive is on before you start up the browser and you should see it load with tracking. Press ‘v’ or ‘enter’ or ‘space’ to enter VR mode, and it should show on your headset. Sadly, our other project is currently not working on this setup – the constant changing of the webVR spec appears to have caught us off-guard.

You can keep up with the project as it develops, and find links to all the code, on the project page: http://elevr.com/portfolio/hyperbolic-vr/