Humans Are Reasonable

Humans Are Reasonable

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A lot has been happening around here (more coming soon), but we hope to get back to our regularly scheduled research in the next couple months. In the mean time, here’s something that fell through the cracks:

I forgot I made a VR remix video called “Humans Are Reasonable” in 2014, and also that a year later along with another pile of our stereo spherical videos I made this stereo spherical video playlist.

I posted before about the process behind our first VR remix video, “The Process By Which Repeated Opinion Becomes Fact“. It explores vertical lines of symmetry, which can’t be used unedited in stereo video because the apparent views of the right and left eyes become swapped. So I cropped and swapped the mirrored versions.

Humans Are Reasonable, with its horizontal lines of symmetry, keeps the right and left eye in proper orientation, and is in that sense much more natural for VR video.

On the other hand, it flips gravity—creating a beautiful contrast between the cavelike spaces of floors on the ceiling with all the furniture hanging down, and the open chasm of a sky reflected below you.

I just love that view of the Bay Bridge, reflected and breathing like that. It’s very calming to watch in real time and at full resolution (we have the entire sunrise, maybe for a future video…).

A successful experiment, I’d say! And now that it’s 2016 and we have much better stereo spherical footage, maybe one worth repeating.

If you have a google cardboard or Wearality or other phone-based VR headset, plus a recent phone, you too can view a pile of our stereo spherical videos on YouTube using the YouTube app.

Stay tuned.