Flat Video, Broadcast Television, Silent Film

If you need an introduction to the current state of VR video and you want it provided in an actual VR video then have I got just the thing for you. (Also congratulations on your meta tendencies. You will do well here.)

This video is something of a hybrid between the flat screen videos of old and the burgeoning field of live action virtual reality: shot in spherical 360 but still dependent on editing and effects programs meant for nothing but flat video.

Now is this type of presentational lecture the future of the VR medium? Of course not, but one, transitions don’t happen all at once and two, the VR medium is a diverse place. There are lots of flavors of virtual reality. Theres live action, in which cameras like capture information from meat space, which can be  both pre-rendered like this video or live streaming. You can use scanners to make 3D models of real spaces. Then theres things more like games that deal in totally computer rendered spaces. And all of these styles can have a whole variety of interaction options from game character like control to being locked in place. Different combinations of which will completely change the feeling, style, and meaning of the work. So much awesome!