eleVR Web Player Press Release

eleVR Web Player Press Release

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eleVR [el-uh-V-R] today released a first of its kind: a 3D fully spherical virtual reality video player for your browser. eleVR Web Player is taking web video next gen.

Much of the chatter around virtual reality has been about hardware.  With the release of the next generation Oculus only weeks away and the constant buzz about virtual reality headsets coming out of Sony and Microsoft, we wanted to share the content side of the VR coin.

Even more than gaming, streaming video will be the killer app for VR headsets.

VR video breaks the control of the static frame and lets viewers choose where to look. This difference, while perhaps not as staggering as seeing the first motion picture, is a major sea change in the future of media. VR video for the web will allow web video creators to share stories from within, bringing their audiences beyond the setting and set dressing of movies to actually being in a place, will give teachers a new way to immerse their students, will spawn whole new genres.

Many people are hacking together rigs to create spherical video, but until now there was no way to view them on them web with a headset. Just like YouTube allowed individuals to share video with the world, now anyone will be able to create fully immersive virtual reality experiences and share them as well. It’s that sharing that cultivates rich media ecosystems online, so we want to make sure VR will be in the hands of anyone who wants to share.

We don’t have to put up with tech demo after tech demo any more, so what video are we spotlighting in our one-of-a-kind player? Why, the first VR vlog of course. It’s not just personal—it’s personal space.

And so in an effort to foster that budding diversity we are going all open source. All of our videos are available for download under creative commons licensing and all our code is up on github, so if you have an idea for that next must-have functionality: get forking.

eleVR Web Player works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari on both Mac and Windows. Those without an Oculus can view and navigate the videos using keyboard controls. For headset users, you’ll need the vr.js plugin. If you’d like more technical information regarding our player check out our readme, and our team, Vi Hart, Andrea Hawksley, and Emily Eifler, make regular tech posts on our blog.

We will be at VidCon the 26th – 28th. Contact us if you would like a demo.

eleVR is a project of the Communications Design Group sponsored by SAP.

Important links: The site, the player, the github, the blog