eleVR Talk-Chat Show Thing, episode 1

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The first episode of our talk show is live! This is our highest-resolution spherical stereo video yet, and you can get it from our downloads page and watch it in spherical 3d on your favourite virtual reality headset using your favourite VR video player.

It’s also on YouTube:

In episode 1, we talk about VR, in VR! Actually that’s going to be every episode, but this first one covers a vague overview of stuff without any special guests or special segments.

We decided a talk show would be ideal as a low-pressure way to try out stereo spherical video things and refine our workflow without worrying about production value or spending time getting all the stitching correct, while simultaneously sharing the latest VR knowledges and showing off different content, hardware, software, people, everything. We think talk shows and vlogs are ideal for taking advantage of current VR video technology and that feeling of “presence”.

It’s very VR-satisfying to look back and forth between me and Emily as we chat, the same motions we’re used to in real conversation. The stereo 3d looks awesome in high resolution on the Oculus DK2, and simple things like talking human faces are so compelling to our human brains.

We had enough fun with this one that we’ll definitely do more. Next time we’ll talk a bit about what we learned while making this episode, perhaps have an interview, show off a clip of another project we’re working on, and do whatever else we feel like, or if you have suggestions/comments, tweet us #eleVR