eleVR on Android

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You may have already heard the hubbub surrounding Google’s release of Cardboard, a little box that turns your smartphone into a VR headset.

Since Cardboard came out, we’ve already gotten lots of requests to see our content on Cardboard, so we’re delighted to announce that the eleVR Web Player now supports Google Cardboard and other Android-based VR systems (ie. Durovis Dive, the folks that Cardboard got their lenses from).


Just go to http://player.elevr.com on your mobile browser (sorry, Android 4.3+ support only until iPhone supports webGL), and you can start playing our videos on Cardboard immediately!


Tap the bottom of the screen to bring up the detailed controls (including full-screen, which you’ll probably want).

If you decide that you love our player and want to use it more often, you can “Add to HomeScreen” it and it will behave just like a native android application.

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We include two videos with the player (The Relaxatron and Vidcon), but you are welcome to download more from our downloads page and load them up into your phone as well.

That said, unless your phone has an incredible graphics system that probably doesn’t fit in a phone, you will almost certainly need to downscale the videos from our downloads page. We’ve already done that for the ones available at http://player.elevr.com. Which means, of course, that the quality of the videos currently packaged with our player isn’t amazing; go download the full size versions for vastly better resolution and vastly lower device compatibility.

You can learn more about our player or fork us on Github.

Now, go have some fun!