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As we slowly transition to webVR api 1.0, this seems like a good time to talk about various projects and experiments that are going to be obsoleted by the new API. A number of these are experiments in different ways … Continued

eleVR joins YCR

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It’s big announcement day everyone! eleVR is joining a new organization called HARC, Human Advancement Research Community, which is the newest project of Y-Combinator Research. Lots of things will be the same: we will still be posting all our findings … Continued

The State of webVR

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There is a big (and exciting!) change in the API that breaks most of our current webVR stuff in the latest chromium builds (and upcoming at some point in Firefox). This is being done to improve the API and make it … Continued

Drawing in WebVR

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Vi here, and it’s my turn to do a quick update. We’re currently working on a website with a basic 3d drawing tool (and livestreaming the process, as seen in the gif below). If you’ve got a Vive, get webVR … Continued

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