Talk: Art-Based Research for Immersive Media

Talk: Art-Based Research for Immersive Media

Last fall I gave a talk at UNCSA for their Future of Reality Summit hosted by their Media and Emerging Technology Lab, which is now online:

I had a great time at the event, and also got to teach a couple classes and see what film students are up to these days! It’s a good way to stay grounded in how fast things change.

My anti-technology field broke the presentation so it takes a minute for the talk to get started while I stall for time, and then begins an overview of my life as related to art-based research, from when I was a baby in a dome ’till today (with one update: I am now also working with Jaron Lanier).

The talk just before mine was a “fireside chat” with Fred Brooks and Henry Fuchs, two pioneers in the field who gave some context about what things were like in the 50s and 60s. Alan Kay and Jaron Lanier were mentioned multiple times, and it was great to be able to speak after them with this historical context in place. Trying to express a sense of history amidst talks that generally focus on new or soon-to-be-released technology can be a challenge, so that really helped! As my audience was the Media and Emerging Technology Lab at a film school, I wanted to give a longer sense of history that points toward a longer sense of the future. By the time undergrad freshmen get out of grad school I expect some things to have changed quite a bit, and others to still have not gotten beyond where they were in the 60s.

The editing of the talk unfortunately does not always show the correct slide, and also misses many slides as I go through them quickly, but if you’ve been following the blog you should know what I’m talking about.

Other eleVR news may be coming soon, so stick around! M Eifler and I are a team again at least in the short term, and hopefully for longer, working with Jaron and getting started in a new lab, though no longer focusing exclusively on AR/VR. I’m quite excited about it!

Vi Hart